W e l c o m e  t o  

M o o n  M a m a s  G a t h e r i n g 

Moon Mamas Gathering is a meeting of like minded Mamas and their children who want to inspire and be inspired. We gather in a non-judgemental and supportive space, building community and hopefully, long lasting friendships. We will discuss new and traditional ways to parent, heal, and nourish our beloveds as well as ourselves. The meetings are designed to embody an integrative approach to being a Mother. This means that we encourage each other as well as advise one another on different approaches to parenting alongside tried and true methods. This is different for all Moms, so if you see a Mama giving her little one some treats or letting them be more rambunctious then we may allow, this works for her in this moment. Remember, we are all doing the best we can. Moon Mamas is centered around the idea that if we encourage and educate in a loving and enjoyable way, with lots of laughter and story telling, we can communicate collectively through our spirit and energy. We will walk this Earth as one big MAMA! These gatherings are welcome to Mamas to be, new Mamas, and Mamas with multiples. Of course all the little ones are welcome but if you would like a breather, just bring you! 

Most gatherings will be focusing on what it's like to be a Mom and how it's all working out for everyone but there is no limit on what we can explore:


Some other inspiring chats we can look forward to are:

+ Nourishing Traditions

+ Birth Stories

+ Wellness

+ Ceremony 

+ Momprenuring

+ Adventuring with Little Ones

+ Guest Speakers

+ ...and more


Gatherings will take place in a local Park or event space in Long Beach CA. Announcements will be made on the Prana Shala's Blog and Instagram @Pranashalamama. Please to DM or email me for additional details and to RSVP




"It has been my dream since my little Moon baby was born to be surrounded by Moms that are open and compassionate towards one another and are willing to share their stories. I hope that through Moon Mamas Gathering I can bring together a group of women that form bonds and walk away feeling like they are worthy and loved.".