Photo Contributors: Jenny Indich


    "I started my education in Holistic Wellness in 2005 through the study of Massage and Yoga. I've grown my practice over the years and participated in my community through continued education and outreach. As I worked my normal 9 - 5 job, I spent most of my free time building my relationships and diving deeper into meditation and spiritual practices. I was aware of Reiki and energy work but never thought it was something I would try on my own. I felt you had to be some kind of mystic or be a part of an elite group of specially gifted people to work with this kind of energy. I began to do more research and found myself really interested and confident that I too am capable of providing my body as a channel for healing energy. "Why can't I?" I asked myself. "You can," was the reply and that was all I needed. A subtle push towards an awakening and I began to see the potential of healing and started experiencing the "opening up" that Reiki provides. I allowed myself to experience the magic of this world and I never want it to go away. 

    I feel it is my purpose in life to help others see their potential to self heal and connect with the energy around and inside them. I want to help build inner peace in others that has been difficult to cultivate because of trauma, self judgement and low self esteem or because of an acute or chronic health condition that affects an overall feeling of wellness. It takes time and energy to be well and It all starts with you.


    R E A L  W O R L D  R E I K I 


    My hope is to be approachable and give guidance and counsel to those in need of it. My service shows up in Energetic Healing through Reiki, plant spirit medicine, sound healing as well as workshops or ceremonies focusing on releasing what no longer serves us. We can then start to rebuild our foundation grounded in our ability to self heal.  

    Like I was mentioning earlier, I didn't think that Energy Work was for everyone and only a chosen few had the gift to heal but after a long stretch of epiphanies, I realized that if I alone am capable of healing myself ( which is a work in progress), how can I not extend that gift towards others. I invite you to witness your own personal transformation through the practice of energetic healing. I am so grateful to offer my gifts and I would love to help you if you would allow me."



    E D U C A T I O N

    A N D  T R A I N I N G      


    + Certified Reiki Master                  

       Ra Energy Healing                        

       Huntington Beach Reiki

    + Certified Yoga Instructor RYT200

       Corepower Yoga  

    + Holistic Massage Therapy 250HRS

       Golden West College

    + The Science of Medical Intuition  

       Carolyn Myss and Norman Shealy

    + Kundalini Reiki

       Huntington Beach Reiki

    + Herbalism Apprenticeship

       Julie James of Green Wisdom Herbals

    + Intuitive Plant Medicine

       Asia Suler of One Willow Apothecaries

    + Sound Healing Facilitator Training

       Lynda Arnold

       Sacred Roots Holistic Healing

    P R O F E S S I O N A L

    E X P E R I E N C E


    + Holistic and Energetic Practitioner

       Long Beach CA (Present)

    + Applied Behavioral Analyst

       Huntington Beach CA (2012-2015)

    + Private Educator 

       Huntington Beach CA (2012-2015)