Photo Contributors: Jenny Indich

    R E I K I 
    Reiki is a gentle healing modality that assists in the movement of blocked energy to create balance in the body. Using gentle touch, Reiki energy is passed from practitioner to recipient. This energy acts as an aid in the self healing process. All Reiki sessions take place in a calm, nurturing and judgement free space. I incorporate medicinal herbal smoke and sound healing in my sessions. All sessions vary depending on the needs of the client
    In person // 60 Minutes // $ 100
    Remote // 45 Minutes // $ 50
    Y O G A
    A blend of Vinyasa and Yin Private Yoga session. 
    Adjustments and modifications to help deepen the benefits of your asana postures. I incorporate breath work, chakra chanting, and sound therapy into each session. 
    60 Minutes // $60
    H A B I T A T
    A holistic approach to interacting with our immediate environment by way of our home. Habitat healing is about accessing the deeper emotional ties we have to our space and how that can be blocking us from creativity, socializing, relaxation and a sense of well being. By clearing the energy in our homes, rearranging items and creating sacred spaces, we can re-energize and enliven our surroundings in turn, creating that for ourselves.
    Inquire for details and pricing for initial Consultation // $