Where do I start?

I guess Blogs are like journals but with pictures you can upload.

I am one of "those."

I journal.

I write "to-do" lists.

I write out conversations or texts beforehand so I can make sure to get my point across. I also include what-they-would-say-if-I-said-this notes. Not every time. I mean, I'm not crazy. [insert emoji here]

I just like to write I guess. I'm not that great at it. I write more conversationally. I don't have the best grammar and often include several run on sentences where commas are amiss and .....Like this. This is a run on sentence.

What I am trying to say is, this isn't literature. I never would assume you thought that it was. Look at this mess already. This really is just a place to rant. A place to rave. A place where I can leave the fluff and fads behind that truly do follow the "wellness" world. We work in the realm of sensitivity. People who are sensitive to a multitude of things. I use sensitive in a loving way of course. It just means an awareness to the subtleties of the world around you. Sometimes when things get branded a certain way there is an air of pretension that follows it. I would like to leave that all behind here. I want to show you all that Reiki and Energy work doesn't mean all white clothing and fasting. I am, we are, if I can speak for those that I practice with, are regular people that have a profession or passion for the things that are kinda but not really, hidden.

With all that said.

I hope you enjoy a few rants and some photos of stuff I like...Maybe a couple reviews and interviews. Just a regular ol' blog.

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