"What do you do?"

Probably the most asked question by strangers.

"I stay at home with my daughter. What do you do?"

No, I have never gotten an eye roll or even a rude response so why do I cringe a little when I say it? Why do I feel like I need to follow it up with, " but I also do this and that and such and such and blah blah."

I mean, this is the hardest job I have ever had and it's not even a job. It's raising another human. There are no weekends off and you don't really stop until they go to sleep and the nights they decide to stay up until 1130 cause they have some wild hair up their butts that they gotta read their Moana book (meaning you have to read it) over and over, you are up too. It's constant. Napping is still constant too. I'm on the edge of my seat over here until she wakes up guys. Seriously! I know that at any moment she will start to stir and whatever I am doing will stop. Just stop! So what can I really get done that's just for me? It's minimal I can tell you that.

At the same time I love this stage. Her imagination is really taking off and her play sequences are gradually expanding. When she does ask for my attention and want to play, I am glad to give it to her cause it's actually pretty fun.

So even when you're off, you're never really off. The down time you do get, is just a wave of constant interactions.

Then MONDAY comes.

The weekend, if you have family, friends and Spouses around, gave you some of that down time you needed as well as the quality time that's necessary. You're cup has been filled and then Monday unapologetically knocks it over and then asks you to clean it up. Jerk.

The chores that go by the wayside over the weekend have piled up. The errands must be ran, laundry must be done, and the dog must be washed.

I think this is a good place to talk a little bit about what everyones jobs look like. I have worked since I was 15. I have mostly worked in Customer Service and Education then a little bit in Wellness and Healthcare in an office setting. Everyday was almost identical. You have daily tasks and responsibilities and the interactions you have are generally the same. I thought about this a lot when we first decided I was going to stay home and I was feeling pretty useless and unproductive (crazy to feel that after you just grew a human and gave birth to it and now it relies solely on you to remain alive). So I kept on digging to figure out why I was feeling this and how I could change my perspective and then it came to me. I used to do the same thing day in and day out for someone else. I got paid and then did it all over again. Now, as a Mother, I spend day in and day out with my baby and it's for us. I still get paid guys. HA! But this is much more rewarding and purposeful then anything I have ever done before.

So if Moms out there complain about Mondays and you think to yourself, "But they stay home with the kids," Remember that they are alone, doing just as much if not more multitasking then you are, answering to an unreasonable boss at times and skipping lunches. It's all pretty sugar coated when you see it on social media but behind that IPhone is probably a mom covered in some kind of smooshed vegetable with a dried up tear on her cheek.


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