Some of Our favorite Children's Books

If you know me, you know that I have a little bit of a book addiction. I'm lying. It's a huge addiction. I purge clothes, shoes, home decor, but not my books. I consider them heirloom pieces and I imagine the children will be fighting over who gets Moms Selected writings by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

So yes, I would like to pass this addiction to my children and I believe I am successfully molding Maple into a toddler book addict. She seriously loves books! She carries them all around the house, asks me to read to her by presenting me with a book and I often catch her in her room sitting by her bookcase with a book in her lap turning each page with her chubby little finger. My heart bursts, I squeak with joy and interrupt to get in on the action. It really brings me so much joy to see her little mind at work.

I have compiled our top 5 books right now that we enjoy reading together. She has her own list I'm sure but she can't talk so I made this hers as well.

One Thousand Things


Anna Kovecses

This is a delightful book filled with cute drawings of first things and things to do with you. It excites the early learner with bold colors and sweet and simple images. It's folky and fun for everyone!

ABC Mindful Me


Christiane Engel

Such an enjoyable way to learn your Alphabet. I love the little stories that correspond with each letter and Maple really likes all the fun, vibrant illustrations.

Sharing about mindfulness at any age is great!

If I Had a Little Dream


Nina Laden and Melissa Castrillon

Oh my gosh this book is so cute! It is a simple story of a little girl that takes you through her imaginative dreams. The colors are calming so a great bedtime story and the illustrations remind me of an Elfin forest. Just Lovely!

Du Iz Tak


Carson Ellis

What can I say about Carson Ellis? Well, she is just one of my favorite illustrators ever! I am so happy she finally started to write alongside her artistry. This is such a fun book built on pure imagination. She developed her own language, like that of siblings that only they understand, but as you read more you begin to understand what is being said. SO fun! Magically illustrated and I would expect nothing less. Silly and perfect for boys and girls.



Carson Ellis

Another favorite by Carson Ellis. She illustrates and writes about different homes and who may live there. It is a beautiful and interesting concept to introduce to children. Not everyone lives in the same kind of house in the same kind of place. It can get them thinking and asking questions about where they live and how they live. A sweet eye opener.

So there you have it!

There are so many more great books out there and some that we are currently exploring. I got most of these on Amazon and others in the bookstore. Story time is so important for children, even just your personal stories. They begin to love words so expressing themselves becomes less frustrating which means less fits!

Keep Reading Alive !!

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