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The notion that a flowers essence can influence your mood seems a bit far fetched. Although we have become more open to subtle energies and vibrational medicine due to research and scientific studies, many people don't understand or just deny it's effects on our health. Regardless of where you stand, I want to share a few of my favorite Bach Flower essences, why I love them and a little bit about what and how flower essences work. I am not an expert on Bach Remedies but I have been using them for years now and can honestly say that they work. I am very open and sensitive to energy and I strongly believe in the ability to heal thy self. There is always a place for modern medicine and we are very fortunate to have the technology and research that we have today. It has saved many lives. I do think that complimenting all practices with Vibrational medicines can further our understanding of self healing and the power we all possess to do so.

Like I said, I have been using flower essences for years and I really love them. Before I did any extensive research on Flower Essences and subtle energies, I was using one or two of the remedies and felt a difference in my mood and my perceptions. When I really started diving into the details and evidence of their potency on our energetic fields, my intention to heal shifted towards a more methodical approach.

I started to see a real difference when I began building myself up on a social platform. When creating a place to share and communicate your passions, you have to research and compare what you are offering with what others are offering. How can you stand out and more importantly, how can you connect. You want to stay true to who you are and remain authentic but comparison is like a fuel to the ego. You can easily become a consumer of not just stuff but of people. It is all a part of it, and people that run a business or market themselves as a brand understand. I was beginning to hear my inner dialogue and it was not good. I was putting myself down and feeling unworthy. I knew this was not who I was and not normal thoughts or reactions so I reached for my Bach Flower Essences. I combined both Clematis and Larch, which I will speak more to later, and within 2 days I was feeling like I could better control and disengage from those negative thoughts.

"They cure not by attack of the disease but by flooding our bodies with the beautiful vibrations of our higher nature, in the presence of which disease melts away as snow in sunshine."

Edward Bach

Two ways that Bach Flower Essences work in our bodies are through the Human Energy Field and a Naturopathic Interpretation. For those familiar with our energy field, also known as the Aura, the essences work through the layers of frequencies that become blocked through stagnate energy. This disallows a natural flow of positive vibrations and their distribution through our major energy centers or Chakras causing acute or chronic illness. Illness doesn't need to be extreme to be classified as an illness. It can be a period in time that something ails you in body or mind. Flower essences, through their high frequencies, help break up the blockages, releasing that energy back into your energy field to be redistributed and create balance. From a Naturopathic point of view. Flower Essences are used as a re-tuning therapy. *Just as metabolic waste builds up and weighs on the physical body and cause disease, so can psychological waste. The psycho-toxins are transformed through the treatment of Flower Essences. Through this we can reconnect with body and mind to better self heal.



The Vitality Flower

From listlessness to mental freshness

Key Symptoms: You feel mental exhaustion, temporary or prolonged weariness.

Behavior Pattern in Blocked State:

+ Lack of energy for demanding every day life

+ You feel heavy, tired, and exhausted

+ You expect the work you need to get done to be very exhausting

Positive Potential:

+ You have a lively mind and you balance variety and routine

+ You're sure you can master the tasks ahead without fearing you will get exhausted

Empowering statements:

+ I feel Fresh

+ I have energy

+ I enjoy working

People describe Hornbeam as akin to a refreshing shower equalizing and toning individual energy levels. It is said that Hornbeam gives you backbone to clear your head, vitalize your perceptions and allow the impulses of your higher self and be heard again.


The Reality Flower

From escaping reality to living in reality

Key Symptoms: These include daydreamers, always being somewhere else with your thoughts and giving little attention to whats going on around you.

Behavior Pattern in Blocked State:

+ You are lost in thought, absentminded, or rarely fully present.

+ You have little interest in the present situation and live more in your own fantasy world

+ Your creative talents often so untapped, despite artistic gifts, you end up taking pedestrian jobs just to earn a living

Positive Potential:

+ You have a realistic perception and a concrete perspective on life, you concentrate on things that can be done

+ You're able to dream up visions and put them into action

+ You're creative lifestyle enriches your daily routines to make them interesting

Empowering Statements:

+ I am awake

+ I see clearly

+ I create

Positive Clematis energy shows itself in people who apply their fertile imagination very specifically in the material world. Their surroundings are enriched due to the beauty and sensitivity of their thoughts and actions, through their work.


The Destiny Flower

From resenting fate to taking personal responsibility

Key symptoms: You feel self pity, resentment and bitterness. You feel like you are a victim of fate.

Behavior Pattern in Blocked State:

+ You feel that you are being held back or that there is no hope of being delivered from a situation.

+ You react defensively and with accusations often appearing as a kill joy or a spoil sport.

+ Your thoughts are spiteful and grudging due to the bitterness you feel in your heart.

Positive Potential:

+ You understand that you can attract positive or negative events and make conscious use of this principle.

+ You actively take your life into your own hands

+ You think constructively and know how to exert a positive influence on situations.

Empowering Statements:

+ I have Power

+ I am in control

+ I take Responsibility

People in a positive Willow state come to realize that they are not victims but the architects of their own destiny and that the human mind has unlimited faculties that can help build a positive future. They radiate faith, calm and optimism.


The Self Confidence Flower

From self-restriction to self-unfolding

Key Symptoms: You may have an inferiority complex or may experience expectations of failure due to lack of self confidence.

Behavior Pattern in Blocked State:

+ You don't believe yourself capable of things you admire in others

+ You react hesitantly and passively when offered a real opportunity

+ You place yourself behind others

Positive Potential:

+ You believe in your own ability to realize important personal goals

+ You seize opportunities with reasonable expectations

+ You can assess and accept personal strengths and weaknesses objectively

Empowering Statements:

+ I can

+ I want to

+ I do

Larch helps you leave self limiting concepts behind and develop those abilities that you have not yet put to use. Somehow you suddenly are able to take a more relaxed view of things and consider alternatives. You take action without predetermining the outcome.


The Comfort Flower

From shock to reorientation

Key Symptoms: These can be any of the aftereffects of physical, mental or psychic shocks that occurred recently or long ago.

Behavior Pattern in Blocked State:

+ Unpleasant emotional experiences reverberate inside you for a long time

+ You can't get over a fight that was un-friendly and hurtful

+ There's an old wound that you don't dare remember

Positive Potential:

+ You've learned to deal appropriately with your emotional experiences, using them for personal development.

+ You give comfort to others

+ You are able to relate to all shades of other people's feelings

Empowering Statements:

+ I feel

+ I breathe

+ I am alive!

Star of Bethlehem rouses the personality from it's mental numbness. It vitalizes energy and the personality reintegrates on all levels, becomes livelier, and regains the ability to cope.

Now What Do I Do With All Of That?

If you're thinking to yourself, "Holy Crap, I need all of those!" this is a very common assumption. Bach defined his 38 states as "character weaknesses of human nature." Independent of race, culture, and time, these patterns are part of the collective subconscious and they reflect our basic human experiences.

A few ways that you can narrow down your search for the right essences for you are: familiarizing yourself with the description of each flower, observe yourself to recognize your own typical behavior patterns, and gather your own experiences by taking the flowers. I know that a blend of flower essences is common and helpful so you are not limited to just one although you may only feel like you need just one just listen to your gut.

There is so much information out there on Flower Essences so please research it more! Bach is easily accessible and the most popular product out there. I have used other products that carry a different variety of flower essences and have seen great results as well. If you want some recommendations on articles and other brands, please don't hesitate to shoot me an email. I will be glad to help you as much as I can!

AND Please, please, please remember... never put your faith solely in one product or person even when the intentions are good. You are your greatest healer!

* "The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy" By Mechthild Scheffer C. 1999

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