June Pinterest Roundup

Throughout my Pinterest career, JK...I have collectively Pinned over 18,000 pins. Now I have been an avid Pinner since the dawn of it's creation in 2010 so give me a little bit of a break. Now lets do the math. In 8 years I have pinned 18,216 pins. Thats roughly 2200 pins a year, 189 pins a month and 50 pins a week all over 8 glorious years.

That doesn't sound so bad does it?!

So for continuous inspiration, I will be doing monthly Pinterest roundups with some of my top pics. This month I chose 10 and I will tell you a bit about what I like about each Pin and so on and so on.

If you could weigh in on what you would like to see here,

I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.

I hate to create all this content and you're all this is worthless, please stop and I don't care about how you feel about the color purple (not a fan).

There isn't a current theme to all these pins and now that I'm thinking about it, maybe I should do that, or should it just be my favorite pins from the Month? AGAIN, please let me know.

Photo: A House in the Hills

Er..baskets and black woven chairs with that chunky farmhouse table oh and that sputnik light. I love how seamless the molding and the ceiling is too. Your eye just keeps going up into a bright white bliss.

Photo: Mason Peter

First off, if you don't follow this guy on Instagram and check out his work at MasonStPeter.com, you are seriously missing out. He has taken minimalism to the next level and this shit is pretty. It isn't cold it's curated. He also has a really cute baby. Bonus! This is one of my favorite kitchens ever. The shelves are so bold and substantial and the monochromatic tones are so pleasing to look at. I feel like I'm blanketed in earth. So so good. He didn't get crazy with light fixtures and just let the carpentry speak. I love it.

Photo: Son of Style

Cue the drool right?! I love that there are two brass sconces. There is only one sink but why not? I would do three! Four! Now if I ever would lick a countertop, this would be the one to lick. Nuff' said.

Photo: Gravity Home

Oh Ibiza, or "Eebeetha" They really brought the outside in. If you can't have an outdoor shower just make it feel like it inside. The little bricks! So cute and warm. I also love the curve on this cased opening. It isn't standard either with that little notch in there. Those details are specific to the owner ya know and that makes it more special. They paid more for that so it was very important to them. I appreciate seeing that in a home. This is one floor I could see myself laying on after a long day at the beach after a few Sangrias.

Photo: My Domain

A couple things about this. I'm not a big fan of beach photos but I like the idea of a photo above the bed. I also really like sconces instead of table lamps especially since I house piles of books on my bedside table. I could use the space. They are also super symmetrical which I like. I do wish that the bookcase was a window for symmetry purposes but again with the books. I need a freakin library! Bench? Perfect. Rug? More perfect. It's refreshing and bright and that's what I like to fall asleep to and awake to in the morning. Then all the birds sing and Ryan brings me coffee. HA! Not!

Photo: My Scandinavian Home

What a cheerful space don't you think? I love when the art is a plant or a textile. I mean, when you look at this space, you don't think minimal but look, you've got 5 plants, not including outdoors, a rug, dresser, wee trumpet and a flat basket on a wall! Scroll up and look at that room. Lot's of stuff! Both spaces are super cute but it goes to show that if you don't have a ton of cash or stuff, your space can still have a huge impact.

Photo: West and Wild

I think the reason I like this so much is because I know I can't pull it off. It's like a vacation kitchen for me. I see that waterfall butcher block and the white cabinets with simple little pulls and I know I would just ruin it if it were mine. I would have more dishes on that shelf and more stuff on the countertops. I want it to be me but it just isn't so I like living vicariously through others who have self restraint.

Photo: Barefoot Blond

So I started off studying Interior Design but then I felt claustrophobic about it so I moved to landscape design which opened my world to plants and herbs and permaculture. I love it all! Inside, outside, internal, external, and etherial. It represents the diversity we all can explore on this beautiful planet of ours. This image represents this to me. It's mothering and nurturing and human innovation all in one.

Photo: My Domain

I live in Southern California so having an ideal outdoor space is just as important as indoor. These slabs on top of the DG makes it feel more organic and relaxed vs a concrete path. The ground cover spilling over onto the stone adds life to a rather dry looking pathway. There is a ton of texture and contrast. A great idea for a water wise landscape.

Photo: Archzine

This ones similar to the one above but for a water loving garden. You have options people!

There you have it. My first Pinterest Roundup and I must say I had a lot of fun doing it!

I look forward to next months post and all your feedback. xx

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