Moon Mama Gathering Announcment

Our first Moon Mama Gathering is finally here!

I am so excited to share this vision with the community and begin our journey together!

Moon Mamas is a place for like minded Mamas and Mamas to be to be inspired and inspire and share their greatest gift, their little ones.

We will have monthly meetings sharing and chatting about a variety of topics from traditional and new parenting styles, what it's like to be a mom for you as well as creative ventures and dreams. This is a child friendly gathering because I know how hard it is to get babysitters or you just like being with your babe. If you want to be free of your child, please join in too! It's all inclusive.


The first meeting will be held in Cal Heights Long Beach at Reservoir park. Expect it to be a warm day so dress accordingly and bring refreshments. I will have a shaded space for us to sit under.

During this first meeting we will have introductions and discuss what we want from this gathering and where we would like to see it go and grow.

My personal dream is that we can all be surrounded by one another in an open and compassionate setting. I want everyone walking away feeling worthy and loved.


Reservoir Park

Brayton & Wardlow in Long Beach CA

*There will be a Large Tree with Tent Underneath*

Time and Date

Saturday July 28 12pm-2pm

Contact & Instagram @pranashalamama

#moonmamagathering #moms #gathering #longbeach

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